Status Update: July 2013

Digger and Douglas interview

Digger and Douglas interview

Hello viewers! I appreciate your patience and your continued interest in our film. Since it has been quite a while since an update, it is time to share some details on what’s happening with the film right now.

Making a feature length film has lots of challenges, and they don’t end when the cameras stop rolling. We’re not here to offer excuses, only the news that the project is still well under way and we are hard at work editing the film.

There will be a new trailer and some behind the scenes footage coming over the next few months. Please be patient.

We can’t promise any release dates but we’re damn near sure that this film will be completed in 2013 barring any cataclysms, nuclear warfare, and/or alien attacks. Go watch our new trailer once it’s out, post on any forums you frequent, let your friends know, join our Facebook group, and comment and/or e-mail to let us know you’re still interested.

If we’ve let you down because of the delay, we don’t blame you. All I ask is that you give us a fair shake and watch the film once it’s done.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,

Greg – Director/Editor